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About me:

I am a professional lifestyle and portrait photographer. Recently, I have also worked on specialising in fitness and health photography as I have a big interest in the people involved from weekend warriors to athletes. I live in the very leafy and gorgeous Richmond, South West London.

Photography has been a huge part of my life since my early teens and I love that I can work as a commercial photographer in London, one of the coolest and most vibrant cities in the world. My career as a freelance photographer started in a London based studio in Kennington but my story starts in Copenhagen where I was born. In the early 90’s I studied in Sheffield and Newcastle before working as an assistant in London and starting my own business.


I am an experienced photographer and my photography has covered an array of different clients over the years each with their challenges and outcomes. I get regular work from a local blogger, marketing jobs for fitness studios and I recently got booked for a lifestyle and portrait shoot for Imedeen. I enjoy getting involved in the variety and challenges that each different job offers.

Not all jobs requires big planning but for some lifestyle and portrait photography jobs I plan the pre-production like castings to find models for the shoot, I source locations, book stylists, assistants, hair & make-up, catering & model makers. I also arrange all the post-production, either to be done in-house or with the clients own specialists. I love, that being a photographer I not only specialise in lifestyle and portrait photography but that I can work as part of a team either on location or in the studio.


My images are described as: ‘fresh, energetic and colourful’ and I keep to at least one of those themes, if I can! I am really proud to have been part of some great commercial campaigns and I have seen my pictures on large bill posters, annual reports, consumer and trade magazines, social media, blogs, brochures, National press, posters and Gatwick Airport. But I am equally proud of doing the lifestyle and portrait photography for a start-up company.


My interest in photographing fitness and health came about when a friend asked me to join her in a triathlon. I had done a few running events but the triathlon scene opened my eyes to the wider aspects of sport and fitness. It is with great enjoyment I see the world embracing fitness with style, clothing, sports equipment, nutrition, health, food and travel. I would love to have a bigger part of photographing the buoyant fitness and lifestyle market that's out there. Check out my Instagram page for posts on photography, fitness & some food!

I hope you enjoy looking at the images in the galleries. If you have a project in mind write to me on charlotte@charlottekrag.com and let's talk.

Speak soon, Charlotte



Adobe, Baileys, BBC, BT, BP, Cancer Research UK, CBRE, Design Council, Dove, Gatwick Airport, Home Office, Imedeen, Kenco Coffee, Lenor, Microsoft, Military Mutual Home Insurance, Mojoos London, Morrisons, National Blood Service, NHS, Penguin Publishing, Pizza Express,  Plenty, Post Office, Shell, Specsavers, T-mobile, Unisys, Waitrose,